A Phoenix dropped with a Dove
a single stone 
of hard polished infidelity 
removed the safety net
around her coted doting heart
trusts pure white plumage crimsoned hotly 
with embarrassed blood
an ashen Cupid lifts his burning bow
and drawing sadly
plays into the transporting silence
of teary abyss left in her hurried wake
a mournful cooing call
to reach further than arrow
more than a stones throw
we are looking at the possibility of losing her
love may never rise 
will never fly again
your song of regret has wildly flown and missed the mark
that sweet sweet bird ringed on your hand worth priceless more
than just some easy lark.

I am becoming you

But I am not you
I could not understand
The shock barely believed you
Confessing his dirty hands

It rolled off like water from duck
And I think I have plumbed the depths
And gone the distance

But I am not you
I don’t know what its like
To have been abused
For you to believe that you did not fight
For all those years

Im not sorry I cant understand
Its a much much deeper remorse than that
Clutching at my hidden fears
But don’t think that means we cant go there
Or that I will chicken out and leave you crushed behind
Never ever
Please begin to trust yourself and take my hand
And show me your strength
The ebbs and flows
You need to heal me into your pain
I am not you
You are beautiful
You are strong
You did fight
But the war is long
And here you are still on the front line
Never backing down
Advancing with time
For many years you were a soldier of truth in a battalion of one
I need a medic
My emotions have burst
Someone stretcher me off

Im not you
But im here in the trenches
Im not turning back
We’re in this
We’re buying time back

I didn’t really craft these words
That’s creepy
They are just the truth unfiltered
Im sorry there’s no structure
But who would want to build a monster

Im not ashamed anymore of saying what I feel to you
So I am becoming you
Im scared you wont believe me

Lines in our sand.

We began to write
The thoughts that crossed
The line that we had written in the sand
The boundary they sold us on these lands

And we’ve become the old age rising
Understanding word beyond the spoken
What can compare to the things we see?
It feels like the simplest summer breeze

Some shot bolt found our heart the target

No point to stem the steed now bolted

The inky reed quivers in every hand

Ive come across these beautiful lines

That you have loved

into this sand

Expressing how writing together has helped us discover new and better places. It applies particularly to conflict zones, both physical and perceived. It is valuable to find the real reason for a fence,  wall, or entrenched belief by encouraging written expressions of the hearts involved. Once ignited in us, the power of words take over.

I am strong

I thought the men of yesterday year were tough. I still do. Real, strong hard working , non-complaining, masculine men. But I realise the difference in the worlds we operate in. Now it is not the same. Yes I will have to face reality. Life today is hard. There are many dangers in society to our families, to us as individuals, we are the greatest danger to ourselves much of the time. There have always been problems in every historical society and serious ones. We all have major issues somewhere not far away. But today we are more isolated, more vulnerable, less likely to be content. I’ve got to man up, to be tough, and to continue I have to fight against  the bad and embrace the good.

I’ve got to one mean , gentle, tough, understanding, determined, easygoing, rock solid hard-as-nails son-of-a-lovely lady.

I’ve got to be stronger than the men who went before. I’ve got to stand up in my times, for my peoples. I need to lead those who will follow me through the maze of life’s difficulties. I have to keep moving, progressing, attacking life with an enduring stamina that will be impossible unless I make the decision to bring it on.

I will model the good and great values of the past and run my race in this very different world with its rugged terrain.

I will face life like a real man, unflinching, current, warm, hospitable, understanding, peaceable, wise, forward thinking, providing, resting and bringing hope to my neighbours. Im a man in the 21st century. I have no rights except those I fight for. Others may have no rights unless I fight for them everyday. I am bold, fearless, loving, consistent, driven, ready, unassuming, faithful, confident, real, honest, truthful, individual, creative. I will not bow to tyranny from anyone, not in the corner shop or in the workplace or on a military scale.

I will know my God and love Him above all else, for from Him all things proceeded, and in this messed up warzone of the crazy times we live in, He remains unchanged. My solid rock.

I am a strong man like the heros of the past because I am alive now in these times and they are not.

Most of all…I remain human.

Out on a limb.(have you ever felt alone in enemy territory?- please share)

Out on a limb
in the enemies camp
Tables laid before me

Feeling alone in flesh but chalking up

large profit for His kingdom

Walking behind lines
Smokin woodbines
When in rome
Do as the romans do
Listen don’t speak
Wisdom keeps your tongues feet from running
Off cliffs
Getting into diffs

Listen , be still
Your on His mission
All is well

You’ve no thoughts or smart remarks
Only Christ’s mind will impart

Out on a limb
Fruits  produced
Hang here till his harvest
Till His release when he comes

Stay child
Stand man
Fight woman
This is promised Land
Giants rise but fall before
The angel of the Lord

His sword of truth is not yours its His
Stand aside flesh
Let him decide

words eternal.

I know that my words please you
When I believe you still still have a sphere
That you still have a realm
That you still have a shroud around the righteous and that  her /his ways are well
Are perfect
When I call out in hope
When I perceive your kingdom around me
within me
I understand your greatness
I see your eternal nature of perfection, joy, safety, love and beauty
I seek your face and my seeking pleases you and you rejoice over me as I rejoice in you
This relationship is the hidden man of the heart
The hidden kingdom within
Christ God you are enthroned in righteousness
You are mighty to save
Your words encircle me like wagons
They support me like systems of entwined wisdom

This is. ( rap)

This is not the unknown of going into enemy territory
This is the knowing of everything I have now in my hands
In His hands
of all things freely given

This is not the crushing worry of the enemy
This is saying I know you already know you’ve got me

This is not lying frozen in fear of the day and the nights
This is rising from ashes and stumbling from graves
Belief on God ,hoping until He appears

Running the race of the wise who know Him
Talking and praying and spending time with Him.
This Is not pretending to strive for the perfect
This is facing the storm in the face of adversity

This is dragging and clawing your way to self crucification.
Laying all down when all is fighting to rise
Its putting to death the sins of the flesh
Following Jesus example when he became sin and died

This is brutal
Its manic
Its peace in the panic
Its seeing the Light when the dark is titanic
Its hoping in Jesus the WORD  of the father
Its believing God loves you when stepping into fire
Its putting your neck out when someone gets out their sword
Its saying I love you when your still being ignored
Its accepting God as God in charge of the atoms
And everyone’s got them
They don’t have an option

The walk

Whats the future
One day at a time
Keep straights lines

Watch and wait
Enter the gate
Like an arrow to a bullseye

Understand the dimension of faith
Remains unseen
Its walking this life in Him
The Spirit of Elohim

Past is the past
Looking back slows you
Turns you off track

Press forward
Asking for steps
Staff in hand
Clothes on ur back

Dying and dead
Ressurection to life
No masks of pretence
Wait wait wait

Wings of an eagle
Soaring over zion
Run and not faint
Hold to the rudder
Foundation of prophets
Apostles not apostates

Love is the main thing
Without it youve lost things

He is All

Outside your law is darkness , swirling depths
Swimming in the deep trauma

Your law is a torch
Blinding through
Guiding me

Im nothing without your law
I am sub human
A beast of the field
But your commands they transform me
They change me from flesh to spirit
From deadman to walking talking man

Your ways you have laid for me are perfect for me
Your rules you have created for me they only help me

I thank you that by grace and blood there is a way to follow you, there is an awakening in my heart
There is a desire to return to the ancient paths, the old ways

This is the great news
That a sacrifice for your law was found
Prepared in advance
By knowledge of the Most high

This is my freedom to exist
My reason to think and feel
All encircled by your eternal , everlasting words

My heart leaps out from my depraved bed of sin
My soul begins to dance when I survey your laws
When I see the holy people
Dwelling in safety for eternity
Under Davids Holy King

I cannot but fall down
In the land of milk and honey and worship you
Mighty creator
The one father who knows me perfectly
Supports me
Brings me into wellness

HE IS GREAT-  This Christ the Most High